Discounts with a business card

As we get the word out about our services, promotions and discounts will appear from time to time. Currently you can show the driver a Z&Z business card and receive ten percent off your ride. The cards will be spread throughout Thurston County at local businesses and events. This offer is valid for the first 500 cards used.

    Every day discounts include;

  • military, 10%
  • fifty-five and older, 10%
  • student, 10%
  • Designated driver, 5% (Call us when you don’t want to drive while drinking
  • Now Hiring Drivers

    We are now starting the process of hiring drivers, drivers will be considered an independent contractor and earn hourly wages from Z and Z. Starting pay is $10 an hour and Z&Z covers the cost of fuel.

    Required for drivers

    • Must have own vehicle which passes inspection.
    • Vehicle must be clean and in great running condition.
    • Drivers must have full coverage insurance.
    • Must be twenty-five or older.
    • Will need to obtain a taxi’s permit. (If you don’t already have one after six months of working for the company we will pay for half and next year will cover three quarters the cost.)

    If interested contact Zack at:

    Description of Job

    Drivers will be transporting passengers and items as requested, Z and Z will make a schedule and assign rides to drivers as needed. Services drivers will do day to day include personal shopping, one way and round trip rides around town, fast food and grocery delivery as well as airport runs.

    All Z and Z staff will be given extensive training on the Americans with Disabilities Act, how to properly assist people with requested accommodations and drivers will trained to have good customer service. All Z and Z staff must be able to pass a full background check with fingerprints for customer safety and security. Staff can expect to see raises in wages as the company expands over the next year.

    Thank you for applying and I’ll see you soon