Back Story

Hello, I’m Zack the driving force behind Z and Z, I have always had this goal in life to be independent. That goal will always be my motivation to enjoy life. So when I turned sixteen and couldn’t drive because of my lack of eye sight I felt trapped.
For years I thought about how to fix the problem of not being able to jump in the car and go where ever I wanted when I wanted. Z and Z is based off one simple idea, make sure people have access to comfortable freedom of movement around the community.
At first I wanted to launch a taxi service but soon realized that people would want to have the ability to have their errands done for them. So Z and Z combines both aspects and serves as a taxi and errands service to provide a low cost option for people who can’t drive or prefer to get assistance traveling.
Another foundation Z and Z stands on is the ability to accommodate as needed on a case by case situation. You can even bring your pets in the vehicle with you. I want customers to be able to live a life style they love and that’s why I am building this great service.