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Hello, thank you for stopping by Z and Z errands, we are a one stop shop for taking care of all your needs. At the moment we are still in the start up phase. If you’d like to help out by donating or would like to submit an application please send an E-mail here.
Z and Z is based out of Lacey Washington and we’ll travel anywhere within Washington with signed travel contracts.
Our main goal is to keep life simple for people with busy schedules. We have a wide variety of services to offer and will strive to accommodate when possible. Live a busy life with all sorts of running around to do? Make a detailed list of all your errands and contact us and that list will be a weight off your shoulders.
Did you know that taxi’s charge you by the mile? Not only do they charge by the mile but they also charge you before you even get into the vehicle. It’s called a pick up fee and usually they’re anywhere from three dollars up to five bucks. That’s just shifty business.
Here at Z and Z we do everything on a flat rate system. For example for a simple one way ride door to door we have a low price of thirteen dollars, Sure that might seem a bit high for a one way but if you take a cab it could be more. See the one way ride lets you move anywhere within the Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater boundaries. You could go across all three cities and only pay thirteen dollars.
Cab pricing looks like this:

  • Pick up fee, $2.50
  • Price per mile, $2.50

So if you traveled 5 miles that would cost a grand total of fifteen dollars for that one way journey.
Here at Z and Z round trips are already discounted instead of paying twenty-six dollars you’re paying twenty-three dollars even. We want people to be able to have the freedom of traveling on a budget.

List of offered services.

These are a list of services that will be offered once we’re open for business. Prices will be posted when we’re up and running.

  • One way
    Door to door access at flat rate prices.
  • Round trip
    Schedule round trips and get a discount, doesn’t matter when you’re return trip is.
  • Fast food delivery
    Send us your order and we’ll cruise through the drive through or grab carry out and deliver it to your front door.
  • Grocery delivery
    Send us a detailed grocerylist and our personal shoppers will do your shopping and deliver it to your location.
  • Assisted shopping
    One of our personal shoppers will pick you up and help you get to and from the stores. They’ll also stay with you offering assistance as needed.
  • One way Seattle run
  • Round trip Seattle run
  • One way SeaTac run
  • Round trip SeaTac

Services are fully customizable on request and accommodations are our first priority.

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